A Good Night's Sleep

A Good Night's Sleep

We've all been there. Lying awake, knowing you need to sleep. When your fears, stresses and worries become magnified. You eventually fall asleep within half an hour or an hour of the alarm going off. You drink copious amounts of caffeine to get you through the day. You can't wait for bed and with every yawn, that's getting a little closer. And then your head hits the pillow. And you can't fall asleep.


So, what can you do? Insomnia is cruel but even a few night's bad sleep can leave you irritable and unable to function as you need. Stress levels rise along with your anxiety, compounded by not enough rest, making everything worse. It is debilitating, to say the least. Suffering with sleep deprivation can affect so much in your world. Mood swings, your ability to cope with stress. It can affect your health, heart problems, diabetes, lead to depression and age your skin. I'll stop there as it's stressing me just writing it!! But if this has been happening to you for a while, you should contact your GP if you haven't done so already.


As this graphic from Katie's Self Care Diaries Instagram account shows, there are a number of ways to help, to get you ready for a good night's sleep.  

My husband's mother has been a yoga teacher for half a century! Given everything she has had to deal with during lockdown, I know her yoga and relaxation exercises have been a great help. Diffusing lavender either onto your pillows or throughout the room helps promote relaxation. An evening bath, with candles in the bathroom is a blissful way to relax. And chamomile tea an hour before bed can help you feel calm.

 As a small start up ourselves, we love to help promote other  such small businesses. Meva Tea uses organic ingredients that have been grown in the most environmentally friendly way. They're about to start shipping internationally, so check out their chamomile and passionflower flavour Meva Sleep.  

We're as guilty as anybody, scrolling through social media and news websites as minutes turn to hours and it can easily be part of your routine before turning off the light. And no, night mode will only help so much. According to the Lighting Research and Technology Journal  the Nightshift mode only reduces the amount of blue light that suppresses melatonin (coming to melatonin in a moment) by a few percentage points. Give yourself a cut off point, an hour before you want to go to sleep. If you're reading this just before bedtime, come back to it in the morning 😉


We believe in all these methods we have described and know they will help. Making time for them isn't always easy, though. So, guess what? On top of everything already described, we also swear by sleep masks or eye masks as they are some times called. 

Sleep masks are a natural way to help you fall asleep better. Exposure to light at night stimulates and confuses the body and mind. Medical studies have shown that this exposure to light suppresses the onset of melatonin, the hormone which would push you deeper into sleep. By wearing a sleep mask, you are shutting out any artificial light, so increasing the amount of melatonin. The melatonin will then increase as you you fall deeper into sleep. Call it a happy sleep cycle! The opposite of what I was describing in the introduction to this blog.


Our 100% organic sleep masks are the ultimate in luxury. First up, there's all the benefits of silk for you, helping protect the delicate skin around your eyes from damage, preventing wrinkles. Then, there's all the environmental benefits of being organic. No chemicals or pesticides damaging the soil and no toxins in our silk. On top of that, it produces better quality silk too. They're not just organic on the outside, our sleep masks are even filled with organic fibres. ⁣Silk is hypoallergenic too, so they can particularly be helpful if you suffer from headaches. It can be extremely soothing when it's cold to add a bit of extra warmth to the eyes while sleeping, and cool you down when it's hot which can also help ease sleep in hot weather.



You want to make sure your mask sits comfortably on your face but is still tight enough to do its job. The idea is to keep out the light while not being so tight that it gives you a headache. "Luxuriously soft and smooth, I can hardly feel it on" says one of our reviews. That's what we're talking about! Sleep tight, sweet dreams. 

Suzanne Kaufman

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